Weight Training for Beginners – 6 Basic Tips To Help You Improve Fast

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Weight Training for BeginnersIn forums and websites on bodybuilding, is common to see the beginner with the desire to achieve a better physical condition, but who has any idea on where to begin.

What exercises should I do? How many days do I have to train? What about my diet?

It is advisable to read the information on my article and above all try to know what will operate in your case. There are no magic formulas.

However, since this article will try to give some general guidelines (with training routine included) for those who want to be initiated in the way of obtaining a better physical.

Some Tips for the Beginner

Before entering the field of training, here are some tips (even more here), and important recommendations:

1. Almost anything will make you grow

To begin to lift weights, the body is completely unused to exercise, so that a poorly designed training program, if you train with desire, will result in a practitioner novice.

Of course it is best to use a fitness routine logic and well-designed program, bu the idea is that to the beginner, there is no need to worry about the routine. It is much more a question of putting the willingness and get into it than anything else.

2. Learning of the Exercises

It is necessary a period of adaptation (at least 1 or 2 weeks) in which we learn to perform properly the movements that we are going to use in our routines.

The training novice does not have much idea of which is the correct posture for an exercise. Many also commit the error of putting on too much weight and swing (and never learn how to do the exercise correctly).

Then, the experienced will be able to be more or less technical (and even trick a little in the last repetitions), but it is critical, particularly at the beginning to know how to perform the exercises and not to push yourself to add more.

3. Dial with Tiredness

The first few days after going to the Gym you will feel as if you had given a beating, you will hurt everywhere. Do not worry; this is normal and even can take 5 or 6 days.

When you pass this you can do two things:

Option 1: No training until you feel the complete recovery. When you return to train you are not going to suffer the same pain, but it will be more mild, although you last 5 or 6 days resting. You will notice that your body has already been returned stronger: what before you produced a pain and tiredness ends, no longer affects you both.

Option 2: Wait until the pain begins to decrease (2-4) days and get back to training even if you feel a little rough. Equally, the body will be retrieved and will be adapted and your mind will be strengthened.

Beginner in gym

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4. Less Is More

There is no point in making a strong start routine with 5 days of training per week plus 3 or 4 aerobics sessions if you are not going to be able to withstand both mashes and are going to leave in 2 weeks. It is best to use few exercises, few days and train hard when you can. The routine will be much more bearable and you will be easier to comply with point 5.

5. Record

Consistency is the key, the most important thing to achieve a good physical condition.Don’t skip workouts because you don’t like them or because you do not feel good that day.

The body will try to trick you with their laziness many times. Simply grab the bar and start, although it is smooth. Planning to make at least half of the repetitions or of the series. You will see that soon enter into heat and it is easier to continue. Some of the best training are to be in those days that had no desire of anything, I can say from my experience.

The greatest physicists are forged with consistency and continuity, better train 2 times per week for 2 years without fail any day (or almost), 4 days per week during 3 years training constantly, 3 weeks without doing anything because you were on vacation… etc.

6. Intensity

As stated in point 2, it requires a period of adaptation with moderate weights or light. But after this should not miss the intensity in your training. Lift these dumbbells until you want to drop them because you can not push more and at that time…. strive to remove one or two more reps.

It also means you strength up to lift a weight in conditions. If for example, you can curl with bar with 10kg for 20 repetitions, is that you are using very little weight. As a general rule, use a weight that allows you to make 15 repetitions at maximum (ideally it should be between 6 and 12).

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