5 Well Known Myths and Truths About Fitness and Nutrition

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With the growth of the fitness trends, the concerns about how to stay in shape also increasing. Specialists clarify certain myths and truths to be rumored on fitness around the world.

5 Fitness Myths

At present, the trend is increasingly popular in eastern countries, awakening in those looking for a healthier life certain myths and truths about food, exercise routine and nutritional supplements that will enable them to achieve the desired physical state and fitness.

Many times, we believe as truth the councils of fans who do not have the experience or knowledge to ensure the success, shifting away from our goals and causing adverse effects on our health, such as injuries or poor nutrition and diseases.

We have clarified the doubts before the five most popular myths about sports nutrition and on how to get the most out of your workouts even if you get older.

Myth #1 – Is protein going to make you fat?

False. These smoothies only help to give the body what it is not possible to achieve with the regular diet, for the correct muscle training.

What makes us gain weight is to eat more calories in carbohydrates than the body needs or consuming during the daily physical activity.

Both weight gain and weight loss have to do with the number of calories you burn every day versus the number you consume. If you consistently burn more calories than you eat, you’ll lose weight gradually. If you eat more than you burn, however, you’ll put on weight – whether or not those extra calories come from carbs, fat or protein.

Myth #2 – Is it any good to eat five times a day?

Truth. Having your food distributed in five small but nutritious fractions is a good way to maintain healthy habits.

After about 3 hours without food your blood sugar begins to fall. And after 4 hours, your body has already digested whatever you sent down earlier. Once you’ve crossed the 5-hour mark, your blood sugar begins to plummet, and you grab whatever you can to refuel.

It is recommended, apart from the three main meals, to opt for a snack between them. In this way, you will accelerate the metabolism and lose weight.

Myth #3 – Can fat burners help you lose weight?

False. The majority of the most popular fat burners on the market, such as Phen375, contain ingredients that are effective, stimulate the metabolism and mobilizing the stored fat. It can then be used in the form of energy.

The fat burners are not magical products or miraculous, it is necessary to combine a balanced diet and an exercise routine. This will help you to consume more energy and accelerate the metabolism during periods of weight loss.

The purity of many of these supplements is up for debate, and you can’t be sure that what is on the label is exactly what you are really getting. In addition, there might be additives that aren’t on the label, and these could be harmful.

Myth #4 – Do only take high-performance athletes take protein?

False. The high-performance athletes, do require an extra consumption of protein, due to the physical activity performed on high intensity and their requirement for the construction and repair of muscle is greater.

However, we all need protein to get the strength and tone to muscles, which are those that sustain us and allow us to push more all of our workouts, no matter the age we have.

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein, 0.8 g/kg of body weight per day, is designed to maintain nitrogen balance in the body for the average adult; a negative nitrogen balance indicates that muscle is being broken down and used for energy.

Myth #5 – Is creatine a steroid?

False. Creatine is everything contrary to steroids. Creatine is a safe component that we found naturally in our body and that collaborates with the distribution of energy toward the muscle cells.

Creatine is a tripeptide compound, made up of three amino acids (L-arginine, L-glycine, and L-methionine), it does not possess the steroid backbone and does not fall into the scientific definition, and it is not illegal nor does it influence hormones nearly as much as the above mentioned ‘steroid’ compounds.

If you eat an extra dose of creatine as a supplement, your will improve your speed, your aerobic activity, and even your neurological function.

In opposite case, steroids are drugs that irritate the testosterone and if taken in excessive doses, cause damage in our organism.

In a case of doubts, diets, training, and nutritional supplementation should be guided by specialists, that take into account the objectives and conditions of each one.

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