Want to Lose Weight While You Sleep? Do This Before Going to Bed

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Want to Lose Weight While You Sleep?

For personal trainers, the gym is the best place to lose weight. Nutritionists, in turn, say it’s the kitchen. However, everyone agrees that the combination of these two factors – sport and food – are fundamental to good health.

What we do hours before bedtime, particularly regarding food, influences how our body goes to work at night, contributing to weight loss or gain.

1. Give the rest the proper value

A good night’s sleep is essential to optimize and regulate all your bodily functions, including how your body uses and stores energy. The hormones at play in this process are leptin and ghrelin. The former helps to regulate energy levels and keep the appetite low while the latter stimulates hunger. People who sleep enough hours reduce levels of ghrelin and increase leptin, according to a University of Wisconsin study.

2. Take a cup of tea

The naturally decaffeinated tea helps to burn belly fat by having a potent flavonoid, aspalatine. It is made from the leaves of the red tea bush, grown only in South Africa. In Portugal it is for sale in stores such as Chás do Mundo, Loja does Chá and Granary.

3. Eat meat for dinner, but dine early and do not abuse

Tryptophan, an amino acid found in most meats, stimulates sleep. According to a group of researchers at the University of Colorado in the US, when they are sleepy people end up consuming fewer calories.

4. Create a routine

Seek to do the same things each night for at least an hour before bed. Doing so is stimulating sleep. You can, for example, write in a diary, eat a snack or do any of the other things on this list. Over time your brain will begin to associate these activities at bedtime.

5. Dine early

According to research published in the journal ‘Cell Metabolism,’ the fact that not going to bed so full will help her lose weight during sleep.

6. Do resistance exercises

You can walk, run or swim, for example. This type of exercise helps you lose weight during sleep, according to a study published in the ‘International Journal of Sports Nutrition.’

7. Relax

Do not constantly look at the clock while not falling asleep. It will make you more anxious and sleep.

8. Leave the bed

If you are having trouble falling asleep leave the bed to do something quiet and invigorating. You can read a book or browse a catalog, for example.

9. Eat protein at dinner

According to a study by the State University of Florida in the US, ingesting protein before bedtime stimulates metabolism at night. Protein is more thermogenic than carbohydrates or fat, which causes the body to burn more calories by digesting it.

10. Do some exercises that force you to resort to body weight

You can, for example, do push-ups and squats. Do cardio exercises. Take a walk around your neighborhood, run, downstairs or ride a bike. It will help burn fat.

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