Learn How To Lose Weight After 35 And Never Get It Back

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It seems that the forces of the universe have united against us, but nothing of discouragement. We explained why it is difficult to lose weight after this age and we give ideas to go back to what it was before (and yes, one of the tricks is in the greens).

Learn How To Lose Weight

Most women reach 35-40 and begin to see the scales move forward without realizing why this happens since everything in their lives remains the same.

There are, however, some small details: we are more sedentary, we do not have time to go religiously to the gym, we clean our children’s plates not to spoil food, and we help to finish the package of cookies’ not to fill the bag of crumbs.

The bad news is that from this age everything counts. And who is to blame? You can point your finger to metabolism. “As we age, metabolism goes down, we lose lean mass, and we increase fat mass. Our energy needs are decreasing, so we should eat less, “says a Greek nutritionist in this website: https://www.ygeiakaiomorfia.gr/category/adinatisma/


And as if having a slower metabolism was not enough, after 45 the ghost of menopause begins to approach. With it comes hot flashes, mood swings and a larger inside the perimeter, a euphemism for that (cursed) little ball that goes around the waist and does not exist. “The hormonal changes of the menopause cause women to have a greater tendency to accumulate fat, especially at the abdominal level. We can even have the same weight at 20 and 50, but the fat percentage will always be different, “recalls Maria João Ibérico Nogueira.

And if at the age of 20 it is enough not to eat sweets for 2 or 3 days to return to a healthy weight, at 40-50 the trick does not work. Avoid draconian diets, such as eating cabbage soup for two weeks to lose 2kg, because no one can (and should not) keep this menu for the rest of their lives. What happens? Poorly return to eating recovers the lost pounds (and doubles them). Remember that persistence is a virtue, and bad habits do not get lost from one day to the next. So let’s see the basic rules for losing those extra pounds.

• Do not go hungry

“The worst thing you can do in a diet is to go hungry because sooner or later we end up eating this world and the other. Make three main meals, and be aware that snacks in the middle of the morning and the afternoon should be too light to handle us for the next meal. Fruit is a good option, and you can vary. Eat 2-3 per day, “advises the nutritionist.

• Eat less at night

As you are less active at night, you need less energy. You can only eat soup, and with that “lose weight for sure. If that does not happen, it is because you eat a lot during the day to compensate, or else you are very slow in metabolism and need physical exercise to gain muscle mass. But will it be enough soup? Add a protein, but instead of sticking with rice, pasta or potatoes, go for vegetables.” (see next door)

• Start the day with a good breakfast

“It is learned that people who have a good breakfast are more elegant than those who do not. It has to be satiating, with complex carbohydrates (whole oat flakes or a blended powder), cheese or yogurt, fruit (blueberries, raspberries), or nuts, tea, coffee without sugar. If you prefer an English breakfast, leave the bacon outside. Make scrambled eggs, add a slice of dark bread and add tomatoes or mushrooms. ”

• Forbidden to ban

Do not scratch anything from your list permanently, the forbidden fruit is always the most desired, remember? But of course, the high capital sins – sweet, stuffed, alcohol – should not be part of your daily menu, only occasionally and in small quantities (Phen375 can help you here).

Eat your favorite candy but no more than once a week and in a small portion. “Hardly anyone who eats sweets regularly has a healthy weight, even practicing exercise. If a cupcake has 200 calories, you have to run an hour to expend that energy and the cake is eaten in 5 seconds, now running 60 minutes is hard.”

• Increase metabolism

This is mainly achieved through exercise. “It is the most effective, direct and healthy way to counteract the slowdown in metabolism. There may be foods that speed up a little bit, like green tea, for example, but it turns out to be not very real. You can try Eco Slim and get an idea about metabolism boosters.

A gym is an option because it allows you to do intense cardiovascular exercise for an hour, three times a week. The walk is equally effective in boosting metabolism, but it has to be done daily for an hour, but not everyone has a life for it, “laments the nutritionist. Go around the problem. Enjoy the lunch hours, and the time they are in judo or swimming for hiking, the weekends for cycling,

• Write a diary

As we tend to underestimate what we eat, it helps a lot if we point it all out, to get a sense of what we ingest, as well as the most voracious hours, and then figure out what to cut or replace for something healthier.

A study at the Kaiser Permanente Health Research Center in Oregon, which tracked more than 1,700 volunteers for six months, found that those who kept a journal lost 8kg, while those who did not register lost only 4kg.


  1. Plate Swap for a smaller one. The Smaller Plate Study, led by Brian Wansink, founder of the research center at Cornell University, Food and Brand Lab, and author of the book Mindless eating (http://www.mindlesseating.org/), why we eat more than we think anything like Eating without thinking. Because we eat more than we believe revealed that people who reduced their plate size by 30cm to 25cm ate less 22% of calories and did not feel hungry, which would correspond to a loss of 8kg per year on average. But do not choose dishes under 22cm, because in that same study they realized that people repeated the dose.
  2. Juice Do not drink, prefer to chew the fruit, as it has fiber satiates more.
  3. Sugar Try to exchange sugar with cinnamon, on oatmeal, in coffee, in curd …
  4. Popcorn If you can not go without the popcorn when you watch a movie but do not want to get fat, buy the corn and make it at home with the Lekue Popcorn Maker, it does not need oil, you need to add herbs.
  5. Risque Soft Drinks from the list, prefer water with a lemon slice.
  6. Wild or whole rice instead of white, has more fiber, satiates and is rich in antioxidants.
  7. Cereals How about oat flakes instead of the sugary versions of breakfast? Check Choco Slim for chocolate flavored weight loss supplements.
  8. Snacks Forget the packets of cookies, alternately light blueberries, raspberries, cherry tomatoes, mandarins, clementines, 5 or 6 olives.
  9. Ice Cream They are irresistible if you have them at home, so it is best to leave them in the store. To kill the will, cut banana to pieces and put in the freezer when you want to crush and eat immediately, has the consistency of ice cream and is healthy.
  10. Potato In the soup, prefer current to be more consistent. Instead of mashed potatoes, make cauliflower: bake two garlic with salt and pepper and bake the cauliflower until tender. Drain well, crush and gradually add 2-3 tablespoons vegetable broth, two tablespoons unsweetened Greek yogurt, until homogeneous. Add the roasted garlic and season to taste. Serve with chives.


  • Drink enough water – If you ate an hour ago and are ready to crack a few cookies, drink a glass of water (or unsweetened tea). Sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger.
  • Choose your sin – Can not get through even without it? Choose a day of the week to get the belly of miseries, but beware of the amount. The key word is moderation. And then go for a good walk or ride a bike to clear it.
  • Give your pantry a new life – Get rid of fatty, sugary snacks. If you do not buy, do not eat.
  • Bet on Flavor – Sensible meals is halfway to derail your diet. Invest in spices and herbs to make everything you eat in flavor ‘bombs.’
  • In the middle is the virtue – In the restaurant, do not order dishes that come to the table in a pot, will overeat. Ask for half-doses or split with someone else.
  • Be a woman of fiber – Women need to ingest fiber, 25g per day up to age 50 and 21g from that age. In your shopping basket should always be vegetables, fruit, legumes, pasta, rice, bread and oats, nuts and seeds. An average apple has about 3.5g of fiber.

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