Learn How To Use Eco Slim To Maximize Weight Loss In 2018

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Thousands of people are considering the use of Eco Slim (check our source in Greece) with the arrival of 2018. The same thing happens to us all. No, they are not the Christmas havoc (although some of that is). It is called “the effect of the new beginning.” Come on, we’ll explain it to you. And happy new year.

How To Use Eco Slim

I am going to sign up at the gym. It’s on my list of good resolutions for the year. I know, I’m nothing original. Thousands of people are considering the same with the arrival of 2018. The same thing happens to us all. No, they are not the Christmas havoc (although some of that is). It is called “the effect of the new beginning”: the energy and determination that invades us when we feel we can make a clean slate. According to this theory, people are more likely to set those personal goals on calendar days.

In these same moments, while reading these lines, Google searches of slimming diets are breaking records of the year. Many others affected by the same effect. Are we more motivated to improve and change our lives only on January 1? The answer is no (thank goodness). The year is full of moments in which the hormone of yopuedo goes up: Monday, the beginning of a month, a season, the return of holidays, our birthdays. Temporary milestones play an essential role in the decision to undertake personal challenges, according to a study by H. Dai, KL Milkman and J. Riis.

“Temporary milestones, including those that have a personal meaning, demarcate space in time and open new mental accounts.”

These mental accounts are very similar to what Richard Thaler, the Nobel Laureate in Economics, tells about money this year. One euro is one euro, in the bank account and the piggy for the summer holidays; You can buy the same, right? Would we feel the same if we took 100 euros from the piggy bank to pay for the purchase of the week? The same happens over time. January 1 is another day, it has 24 hours like the rest, but we do not perceive it as such.

Understanding when people are most motivated is fundamental. If we want to improve our health, our finances or the disaster of our desk we should also think strategically and choose the right time to change our habits. For the same reason, a company or a director should believe that it is perhaps more useful to motivate the team on a Monday than on a Thursday, or on the first day of spring and not on “a Wednesday of March” (even if it is the same day). ).

How this temporary milestone is framed also counts. The world of advertising and companies, in general, could appeal to this “new start effect” and better connect with their customers. Each audience will have their own more meaningful days. Maybe it’s a mistake to spend the bulk of the advertising budget for pension plans in December.

Where Is The Trick With Eco Slim?

At this point, it is possible that some find it quite logical that people consider losing weight with the help of Eco Slim or going to the gym more after Christmas or after a bridge. No temporary milestone exceeds gluttonous repentance. Dai, Milkman and Riss insist that what motivates us to change are aspirational motives. We may relax and commit excesses during vacations, but on Mondays, we reaffirm our goals.

Maximize Weight Loss In 2018

Also, it would not explain why there is “the effect of the new beginning” after our birthday. Another explanation could be that people need time, planning and energy to set goals and that is why we wait for holidays to be able to do all that mental process.

The marked dates only work for aspirational changes. Putting the washing machine is one of the tasks that many people recognised to postpone habitually, in another small study. They found no evidence that people did more laundry on Mondays or after a birthday.

The Eco Slim researchers stress that it would be good to know how “temporary start” effects associated with negative emotions, such as grief or stress, influence “the effect of the new beginning.” It also remains to explore the effect that social networks have on our commitment.

The days that we feel are different in the calendar generate a discontinuity in our perception of time. We distance ourselves from our procrastinating self from the past and think that we start from a blank page. Besides, marked days take us out of our automatic pilot mode to see our life in more general terms. “The effect of the new beginning triggers these mental processes and stimulates us to pursue our ambitions,” the researchers say.

“People tend to belittle and attribute their previous mistakes to their distant self from the past. What we maintain is that by relegating previous imperfections to our personality from the past, the feeling is generated that our present self is a superior being and temporary milestones can alter people’s decisions.”

Interestingly, the arrival of a new decade is a good example. It is more likely to run the first marathon with 29, 39 or 49 years. In fact, careers have been analysed, and in some cases, the ages ended in 9 represented half of the Eco Slim users.

The Three Experiments

To demonstrate their theory about Eco Slim, Dai, Milkman and Riis, they analysed the searches of the term “diet” in Google to see if the figures went off coinciding with temporary landmarks. Let’s see, who plans to put on a regimen on a Thursday afternoon?

“The results showed that the interest is higher at the beginning of the week and that it is declining as the days advance. The volume of searches decreases with the year and peaks of interest are observed after holidays “.

Specifically, the interest for the term “diet” increased at the beginning of the week (14%), at the beginning of the month (3.7%) and the New Year’s Day (82%).

Ok, one thing is to look for how to lose weight, and another is to start feeding on lettuce. Do temporary milestones change our habits?

The second experiment analysed precisely this question by examining the pattern of behaviour and the frequency of attendance at the gymnasium of university students for more than a year. As was the case in the previous example, people went to the gym more on Mondays (33% more), at the beginning of the month (14% more), of the year (11.6% more) and especially at the beginning of the month. Semester (47% more). In this case, the role of each one’s birthday was also analysed (7.5% more new Phen375 users).

For the third experiment, they turned to the StickK commitment contract page. Professor Dean Karlan, among others, created this website as a result of his personal experience with diets and weight loss supplements like Choco Slim. In StickK, people publicly commit to something. Each one sets their challenge, and the list is the most varied:

  1. Clean the kitchen floor
  2. Drinking water with Eco Slim every day
  3. Do not watch weight loss shows at work
  4. Do not speak slowly to foreigners

These are some of the real cases of personal commitments. This website works like a little push ( also known as nudge, another invention of Thaler ). In StickK they say that people are three times more likely to achieve their goal if they publicly commit themselves.

After analysing 43,000 Eco Slim users for two and a half years, the results indicated that people came to StickK to announce they’re good intentions at the beginning of a week, a month, a year or just after their birthday.

I do not extend anymore because I miss the CrossFit class. They are witnesses. Twice a week.

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