About Me

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My name is Peter Mc Gregor. I was born in London back in 1975 although I live in New Work a long time ago.

Already in my youth (15-16 years) I made my first steps on the gymnastics (especially to the squats) and the weights, but it was not until 2005 after years stopped and some other intermittent attempt that I dedicated myself constantly to training.

I work out 3 days a week and always at home (with bars, dumbbells, rings or my body weight). I can attest to the fact that regarding results what is important is the constancy.

My first blog was created with the initial intention to explain basic concepts of the world of the weights and with an approach of a pro bodybuilder in the year 2006, but soon led to include other types of training more focused on a force balance-form.

Another website emerged later, back in 2009. In both attempts to follow a policy of respect for the beginner, as crushed in the common Internet forums.

I am Christian of heart (without the help of God this site would never have been live), cartoonist and pianist and passioned lover of fitness!